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Ideas For Painting – Before You Are Out Of Ideas!

It is true that sometimes by looking at a blank page you can go blank in the mind as well. Although you have interest in drawing and painting, you may have no idea as to what you should be starting with. If you don’t have great painting ideas or you are out of painting ideas, all the technical painting skills would be near useless in the world. So, from where can you get ideas and them to create your own art? When you begin with something for the first time, it is essential to give it some time and experiment with it. You will obviously make mistakes and you should allow yourself for that as a beginner. Here are some sources of inspiration and painting ideas that can help you start your creativity, whether it is scrap booking, painting or drawing.

Your Likes and Dislikes

Without knowing which style and type of art you want to create, you would not have great painting ideas. So, the first thing that you need to do is to make a list of all the options that you would like to consider. Your likes and dislikes are really important here and you should give preference to something which you find interesting and would like to try your hands on. Think of a good subject and narrow it down from there. Think which type of painting you would like to do such as painting landscapes, figures or abstractions. Narrow your list so you can make a much realistic choice based on your interest. The style which you will be using is also important, so pay attention to that as well.

Think whether the style will be abstracted, expressionist or realistic.

Featured Projects

Objects That You May Come Across Everyday

Painting FlowersSome simple and beautiful drawing focus on what we see or come across everyday such as an apple, a mug, vase of flowers or simply an empty vase. Concentrate on the accurate shape of the object or explore the atmospheric tone. Try to draw the same object using different mediums and in different ways. Gather as much painting ideas as possible from the world you live in. Keep a scrap book for your record with a sketch of your drawing and the reason as to why you love it.

Real People around You

Paint PeopleDrawing portraits from magazine photos is very common and can also be very boring. Try drawing real people around you. Drawing your close ones as they go about doing their daily chores will definitely be a great way of expressing your feelings. These drawings will even be kept and cherished for ages as treasured mementoes. You can also get great painting ideas from people around you.

Nature and Garden

Painting Gardens and NatureNatural forms can be quite complex and challenging, but they truly offer cheerful subjects for painting and drawing. Explore nature the way you want. You can either go for the up close such as drawing pinecones and leaves in detail, or simply sketching scenes.
Get More Painting Ideas by Expanding Your Knowledge

Your Pets and Animals

Painting pets and animalsDraw your furry friends as they lay down warming themselves beside the fireplace. Drawing from a picture which was taken at natural light is also a good idea. Spend a day sketching animals at the zoo as drawing some of these can be challenging such as skin of a crocodile. Keep a scrap book with all your sketches.

More and more painting ideas and inspiration can be obtained from the rich heritage. Don’t ignore ideas of past centuries. History can be made interesting in the way you approach it. Films and television documentaries are great ways to approach the past and open doors to unique painting ideas. Grab some great art reads and if possible take an old painting and use different colors, lighting and angels to push the idea further and come up with variations.

Draw Something Out of Fantasy

Drawign FantasyYou can get a lot of inspiration from the internet and paintings in books and magazines. Artists of the past have interpreted so many ideas in so many different ways. See if you agree with them or see if you can bring the olden days’ ideas into the modern era. Be someone else or something else and imagine a day in their life.

Try Different Mediums

Paint MediumsChange the medium you are using to paint the ideas rather than changing the painting ideas. You can try a combination of media or a totally new media to create the same ideas but in different ways. Stop using the regular colors and brush that you had been using. Come up with new colors and new ways of portraying the same idea. Try something new such as encaustic painting or watercolor pencils. If you had been using pastels, try working with oil paint and this will allow you to make a huge switch.

Things to Ask Yourself before Putting Your Painting Ideas onto Paper

No one was born with a paint brush in their hand and every famous artist was a beginner at some point in time. If you want to learn to paint, you also have to start from the scratch. There are some things that you need to consider and some questions that you need to ask yourself before you put your painting ideas onto paper or canvas.

Do You Need To Know How To Draw before You Can Paint?

If you were training to be an artist, you would have obviously learnt to draw first. But, if you have no interest in drawing and like to start with painting, you can do so. The path you take to reach you goal is not important, what is important is the creation of art.

What Paint To Use?

Artist Paints To UseThere are different types of paints that you can use to create art, but the most commonly used ones include acrylics, watercolors, oils and pastels. It can’t be said that one type of painting is easier than others because it all depends on how you master the art of painting and which type of paint you give preference to. There are advantages and disadvantages of the different types of paints and you can make a choice depending on what works best for you.

Acrylics are a great recommendation for beginners as they dry quickly, can be easily cleaned with water and it is easier to hide mistakes if you happen to make any. Moreover, they can be used on canvas, board or paper. The disadvantage is that since they dry off too quickly, the working time is reduced and once they have dried off, it can hard to remove the paint even by rewetting them. Watercolors are also a good choice as they can easily be cleaned with water and rewetting allows paint to be lifted off easily. However, since they are too transparent, it can be hard to hide mistakes.
Oil paints dry slowly and allow plenty of time for working and blending colors. You can even apply paint over the area which has already been painted without disturbing the underlying colors. But, since they need to be mixed with solvents, you need a good ventilated area to work. Solvents can also cause allergic reactions. Pastels are easy to use since you don’t need a palette to mix them and also no water and mixing process is required. They can be used anywhere without having to worry about the mess. There are also a wide range of colors available for you to work with. However, soft pastels can smudge easily and come off the media.

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