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Acrylic Painting Tips


Getting Started With Acrylic Painting


Acrylic Mediums:

Mediums are usually added to acrylics to either make it thicker or thinner, in other words, to change its consistency, add texture, to allow for slow drying and to avoid over-thinning.  If acrylic paint is mixed with too much water, you will end up with uneven paint lacking sufficient binder to hold pigment together. 


Acrylic paints can be used to apply thickly or in thin washes.  If you don’t want brush marks to show such as in thin washes, use soft brushes.  Paint can be applied thickly using polyester brushes which are specially designed for thick application.  Furthermore, you can always try brushes with different head shapes and lengths to see which one you would prefer.


Use either plastic or wooden palette for acrylic paints. It can be difficult to get off all the paint from these, so disposable palettes can also be used if this is an issue. However, if paint seems to dry off too quickly, try a palette which is designed to keep it wet rather than drying fast. 


Available in both professional and student paints.  It is a good idea to buy some quality colors such as primary colors with some secondary colors rather than a whole bunch of cheap colors. 


Brands of Acrylic Paints To Choose From

Golden Artist Acrylic Paints

Liquitex Acrylics and Mediums

Matisse Proferssional Acrylic Paints

For some great Gesso Primers I like Jerrys Artarama Gesso brand for high performance quality and absorbancy. Gesso is an art supply used as surface preparation or primer for painting, gilding, and sculpting. Gesso resembles paint, but is thinner and dries hard. Gesso is applied with a brush and must dry before the surface can be painted.


Paint Your Life

PaintYourLife was established with the clear objective of creating custom art. Our studio offers high quality handmade paintings from photos. Our clients buy our artwork to decorate their homes and offices in their own unique style or as gifts for their loved ones.