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Acurit Proportioner

Resize images quickly and accurately — no math involved!

Resize images quickly and accurately — no math involved!

For centuries artists have been developing ways to correctly enlarge, reduce, and transfer images without destroying the proportions between them. The new Acurit Proportioner is designed to do just that: correctly transfer proportions between an object and your drawing, without ever having to pick up a calculator!

The Acurit Proportioner can be used to ensure facial features in a portrait are in correct relation to one another; to judge the heights of buildings as opposed to the trees next to them; to enlarge technical drawings or reduce illustrations – anything in which the scale of the original reference must be preserved. You don’t need to understand the mathematics behind proportions in order to use this ingenious tool: simply set the initial scale and let the Proportioner do the rest! Consisting of 2 indicators, one for the reference object and one for the transferred image, the Proportioner can be easily set to any proportion ratio by rotating the knob (without depressing) until the reference indicators line up with two fixed points – say, the eyes in a portrait image. Then depress and rotate the knob again to set the distance between the transfer indicators – how far apart you’d like the eyes to be in your drawing. The Proportioner will store this set proportion ratio for you, allowing you to easily transfer further points – nose, mouth, and so on in our portrait example – while retaining the exact scale!

• Quickly resize images without sacrificing correct proportions
• Keep transferred images precisely to scale
• No math required – the Proportioner does it all!
• Easily set initial scale by rotating knob to set indicators
• Proportion ratio is stored so further points can be transferred
• Great for working in the field!
• Perfect for drawing from reference photos and real life alike!
• Indispensable tool for any artist, designer, illustrator or draftsman!

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